Our story

My name is Jeffrey Muller from Inside Audio based in The Netherlands. I started Inside Audio because I have a huge passion for producing music. I struggled a lot with finishing music and workflow improvement in FL Studio and Logic Pro X.

That's why I started Inside Audio and created more tools for you as a musician. Working faster and improving workflow as a producer is essential to finish music and keep on track of your projects!

Along the way of producing music I never used shortcuts, until one week I decided to switch it all and force myself to start learning them all! The month after followed and my workflow was so much better and I worked like a pro hitting all the keys and performing quick actions in my DAW.

We want to force you as well and motivate you to do this! We know this can make the essential difference for you as a producer!

We created our own mousepad to never forget to use shortcuts and look them up easily whenever we want, after the success, we decided to make them available for everyone!

Any questions? Let us know ( - team Inside Audio.