The 15 best shortcuts for Pro Tools

The 15 best shortcuts for Pro Tools

Shortcuts can dramatically speed up your workflow. They're an essential part of operating and controlling and DAW, and in many cases fundamental when it comes to delivering projects on tight deadlines. Here are 15 of the best shortcuts you can use in Pro Tools!

Cmd + S | Save

Pretty self-explanatory, but probably the key command you’ll want to abuse the most!

Cmd + space bar | Start Recording

This is by far one of the most useful key commands in Pro Tools if you’re tracking live instruments or even Midi for that matter.

Cmd + F | Create Fade

Creating fades is boring but absolutely necessary if you want to have a concise and professional sounding production. This ought to save everyone sometime when applying those tedious fades!

Cmd + G | Group Tracks

Grouping tracks is a great way to control the size of a huge production. It also means you can easily put your hand straight on a specific section, for example – Drums.

Option + A | Resize all to fit window

Big sessions can be an issue when you start to run out of screen real estate. This quick shortcut will resize all your timeline to fit your window instantly.

Cmd + +/- (or R+T) | Zoom In & out

After recording you have to spend a good amount of time editing, and you’re going to be doing a LOT of zooming in and out. For that reason, this is probably one of the most useful key commands on this list!

Cmd + Shift + N | New Track Dialogue

Creating a new track doesn’t have to be a long procedure. With this shortcut, you can recall the track dialogue to quickly set your I/O and naming.

Cmd + D | Duplicates Region

Often in verses and choruses, sections are looped. Duplicating a drum groove, or midi part can be a great way to quickly move your piece along in the initial stages.

Cmd + | Switches been edit & mix windows

Just like in all DAW’s, you’re going to need to toggle between mix and edit windows often. This ought to save everyone a good chunk of time!

Cmd + U | Strip Silence Dialogue

Strip silence can be an effective way to apply automatic fades to a whole region, either for mixing or creating your own samples. The Strip silence dialogue isn’t used as frequently as some key commands, but it’s worth knowing.

Cmd + Option + Tab | Tab to Transient

Trying to time-align drum recording with your grid? We’ve all been there. This one is essential to know if you spend a lot of time editing.

Option + 1 | Shuffle

Shuffle is the first playback mode on offer in pro tools.

Option + 2 | Slip

Slip is the second playback mode on offer in pro tools, allowing you to select anywhere in the timeline region.

Option + 3 | Spot

Spot is the third playback mode on offer in pro tools and gives you access to spot locate specific regions.

Option + 3 | Grid

Grid is the fourth playback mode on offer in pro tools and locks your cursor the grid, ideal for time aligning purposes and quickly matching marker tracks.

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