The 15 best shortcuts for Logic Pro X

The 15 best shortcuts for Logic Pro X

Shortcuts can dramatically speed up your workflow. They're an essential part of operating and controlling and DAW, and in many cases fundamental when it comes to delivering projects on tight deadlines. Here are 15 of the best shortcuts you can use in Logic Pro X!

R | Record

This is by far one of the most useful key commands in Logic Pro if you’re tracking live instruments or even Midi for that matter.

X | Mixer 

The mixer window is an essential part of keeping levels balanced and creating decisions along the production timeline. Use this one to save you reaching for the mix window with your mouse countless times!

K | Click

Simple but so useful. A click is almost a requirement in today’s modern world of production, having it on one simple key is ideal for tracking takes.

C | cycle 

Want to loop that section of your song? Hit cycle!

O |Loop Library

Working with loops? Hit ‘O’ and open up the loop library to go through hundreds of loops which you can utilise in your own productions.

Z | zoom

Another essential tool for editing waveforms, midi data – and more!

P | piano Roll

You’ll spend a lot of time recalling your piano roll, so get used to toggling between this window and your timeline!

L | loop Region

Looping a specific region can be a great way to audition new parts and elements.

Y | Library

The Logic Library opens a bigger world outside of just loops, including drum kits, patches and other tools.

Ctrl + B | Bounce in Place

Need to off load some processing, or want to render midi to audio? Bounce in place!

Option + C | Colour Pallet

Every pro producer knows that organisation is key to working long hours inside your DAW. Use this key command to colour code each of your channels and regions.

Cmd + S | Save

 Pretty self-explanatory, but probably the key command you’ll want to abuse the most!

Cmd + Z | Undo

Didn’t mean to delete that part? Fear not! Undo and go back to save your bacon.

Cmd + Q | Quit

A quick way to exit all apps on a mac, not just Logic!

Option + K | Key Commands, make your own.

This is one of our favourites. Making your own key commands is a great way to have your own unique set of tools that can help you beat the clock in every session. 

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