The 15 best shortcuts for Ableton Live 10

The 15 best shortcuts for Ableton Live 10

Shortcuts can dramatically speed up your workflow. They're an essential part of operating and controlling and DAW, and in many cases fundamental when it comes to delivering projects on tight deadlines. Here's 15 of the best shortcuts you can use in Ableton Live! 

Command + Option-B | Show/Hide Browser window

If you work on a smaller screen and need to use the space on it efficiently, you need to be able to hide the browser when working on your song.

Shift + Tab | Toggle between views

This one is unique to Ableton Live, as Ableton is the only DAW with an arrangement and session view. Use this shortcut on the fly to quickly hop between both views in the split of a second!

Command + F | Search for anything mouse free

Looking for a specific sample or synth but can’t remember exactly in which folder you have it in? Ableton will search in all places for the file name you typed.

Command + R | Rename parameters mouse free

Naming and renaming tracks and clips will keep your workflow and project organized. AAs you can see, this is one of the easiest shortcuts, and it’s also one of the most used shortcuts on the list.

A | Toggle Automation View

Automation is one of the final stages of the music production process. Having quick access to controlling parameters such as volume, panning and various inserts as part of your automation process can really speed up your workflow when adding interest to your music over time.

Z | Zoom to arrangement time selection

This is essential, if you’re working in a DAW you need to have key commands to zoom to various areas on the timeline. With this control you quickly hone in you’re a specific time selection within the arrangement window.

R | Reverse Audio Clip 

If you’re a sucker for creating your own sound design effects, reversing audio will be all too familiar. With this quick shortcut you can quickly flip your audio for cool transition effects within your productions!

M | Activate/deactivate computer midi keyboard

If you have don’t access to an actual MIDI controller, fear not! By using this key command, you can quickly summon the integrated midi keyboard feature and use your actual computer keyboard. Neat!

Alt/CMD | Bypass snapping 

Snapping can be a great way to keep everything concise, timely and organised. It can also be more of a curse than a blessing when you need to detach things from the timeline. Bypassing snapping with this shortcut will allow you to drag regions within the timeline anywhere you like!

B | Draw Mode

Draw Mode can be really useful for writing in automation, filter sweeps, reverb tails or even melodic sequences.

CMD + L | Loop section

If you’ve found a groove that is catchy, memorable and hooky – loop that thing! Looping a section can be a great way to get more ideas flowing, and just as useful for mixing decisions.

CMD + U | Quantize 

Simple, does what it says on the tin! This quick shortcut will neatly snap all of your MIDI info to the grid so its nicely aligned to the tempo map.

Shift + Space | Play from start

This can be useful when you’re working on a section of the song and want to hear how it works in context with the whole song. Simple hit this shortcut and you’ll return to base!

S | Show all tracks

Got hidden tracks that don’t fit on your window, or have disappeared? This memorable shortcut brings all your tracks to your current workspace so you can see exactly what’s happening in your production.

Shift + Drag | Stretch/Warp audio

Another one for those sound designers out there – audio warping. This handy shortcut can quickly allow you to stretch your audio regions, elongating their duration and also pitch (if you choose). 

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