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Check FL Studio Mousepad

For all DAW's

We have mousepads for all Digital Audio WorkStations to improve your workflow in two sizes and a custom print option.

Inside Audio X Collaborations

We offer two mousepads in collaborations with YouTubers Edwan and J.Rent, check their collection to see if it's a fit for you!

Used by Edwan

With over 100k subscribers Edwan brings FL Studio tutorials to a new energetic and fun experience to watch. Inside Audio developed a special edition Edwan X Inside Audio mousepad.

Used by Chuki Beats

A YouTube legend with over 222k subscribers on his personal channel and over 500k on his beats channel.

Used by J. Rent

With over 160k subscribers J. Rent build up a name in FL Studio world with his How To videos! We offer a special J. Rent X Inside Audio mousepad.

FL Studio, Ableton and Logic